Advice to Parents of Kids with Special Needs

 April 23,2015

As The D3 event with the Ft. Myers Miracle approaches, I wanted to point out a couple things to parents: First, our events are open to people of all levels of ability and limitations. The Miracle players, staff and volunteers are eager to provide as much, or as little help as each participant needs or wants. Secondly, I realize some parents will have some reservations, but let me tell ya, if it weren't for my parents allowing me to try all the things I wanted to try as a child -- and encouraging me to do things that made me nervous -- I wouldn't have achieved the success that I have in life.


As a child growing up with limitations, one of the things that helped me along toward my goals was the fact my parents never told me "you can't do that". They never told me there's a word can't. There is a word can't, but not until we try and find out what our individual abilities allow us to do.

My parents never held me back from trying to do anything that I showed interest in doing. I think that's very important as a caregiver parent with a child who has some limitations. I think it's very important to let loose on the leash a little bit. Let your son or daughter experience whatever it is they want to try to do. They want to try baseball, they want to try hockey, they wanna try singing, they wanna try acting... Try it!

Let 'em try. Let them get a few bumps and bruises and scrapes. We all do. That's how we learn. That's how we learn what our abilities are -- what we can and can't do. You'll be surprised, and they will be surprised at what they can accomplish given that they get a chance to try.

Registration is open for The Dave Clark Foundation's 10th Anniversary Disability Dream & Do (D3) event with the Ft. Myers Miracle on May 9th. Register online at . I promise it'll be a day you and your child will never forget.

Here is the video version of this blog entry. You can find my series of Life Lessons videos on my YouTube channel


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